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“Experience the sheer thrill and euphoria of needle play!”

I’ve been a regular wrestling client for almost four years but have only recently started enjoying the services that the phenomenal Domina Araneae provides. And I’m so glad I did as I got to experience the sheer thrill and euphoria of needle play! It was an amazing sensation – having the multi-talented Domina Araneae skilfully… Read more »

“She exudes confidence, veiled menace…”

I contacted Domina Araneae by email: I respectfully advised her of my experience with Mistresses before along with the aspects of BDSM that I enjoyed; I also let her know which practices I was uncomfortable with, or would choose to avoid, should the choice be mine. She replied and we set a date for her… Read more »

“Pain never felt so good!”

I don’t think there are many girls around who can combine ball-busting and beatdown sessions with such skill and precision as Araneae! I’m a strong bloke and can take a fair amount of punishment. But this beautiful girl is a deceptively powerful martial artist with a pair of the quickest legs and feet in the… Read more »

“She gave me plenty of slaps for keeping her waiting”

Had a brilliant 90 minute session with Domina Ari and can honestly say its one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. This woman is as good as it gets and was brilliant all the way starting with when I enquired about a session right the way through to when it was completed. My only… Read more »